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My Photos and Photoshop
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image








Randy Fabrese...done in Photoshop
Star Stuff
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image








Spider Rock AZ, my photo and Photoshop intervention
Spider Rock
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image








My photos and Photoshop intervention
Rocky Mountains
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image








My photo, one from NASA and Photoshop
Cochise Too
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image








Poser, Bryce and Photoshop
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image








A younger me with my photo of the Vulture Mine, Photoshop
As I was Searching From Bottle to Bottle...
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image








Kathy Datura
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image
Datura Variations








Charles E. Newland is an award winning artist
a member by invitation of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylics since 1977
with paintings & digital images in public and private collections.



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