yet another self portrait.Image is made with ArcSoft Photomontage.

These are digital art images Charles created for the original C.E. Newland website in 2000 and beyond.
Digital image compositions gradually became more interesting to Charlie than rendering his ideas onto canvas with acrylic paints.
Many of the images contain parts of his original paintings, reimagined and combined with personal photos and then reworked with computer programs.
Artists interpret our lives and our worlds through their images in many formats.
Charles came to believe in the power of digital art as human expression and communication.
Charles embraced many forms of digital media including music video.
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  Silent Jax.Constructed using Bryce and Photoshop ©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Dove NestingDove Nesting. A digital photo I shot in my back yard, manipulated in Photoshop.©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Randy: R.I.P -My friend Randy Fabres with one of his guitars: My photo with Photoshop intervention. Randy died 8/18/05...he left a hole in my life and the lives of many.©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Reflections - constructed in Poser, Bryce and Photoshop  ©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Our kitten Penny with a background from Bryce assembled in Photoshop. Portrait Of Penny ©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Tail of a Kitten - ©2003 C.E.Newland-Digital Image a digital painting executed in Photoshop from an old painting of mine which no longer exists. ©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image digital image constructed from a couple of Poser figures assembled in Bryce and finalized in Photoshop Cochise's Stronghold is ten miles from my house...image using two of my digital photos assembled in Photoshop-Cochise's Stronghold ©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Photoshop of an old painting-Sunday Morning Almost (Revisited)©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My wife Sally grew the flowers, I shot them..."intervention" in Photoshop Hibiscus ©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image background shows my son Peter as a small boy looking through a decorative glass panel, foreground as he is now. A Photoshop intervention. ©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image-Pfc. Peter Newland Image is an ArcSoft Photomontage construction using all of the images from this site Peter and Christy sent the flowers, I took the photo, Photoshop intervention with a Xaos plug-in filter.- White Rose-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image two of my digital photos assembled an played with in Photoshop.-David's Dodge-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Friends Randy and Denise have this frog...my photo, a Photoshop manipulation Frogdraw ©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Life is a crap shoot...images on dice are paintings and images from this site assembled in Photoshop.-Snake Eyes- ©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image photoshop intervention of my photo of the statue of Rex Allen in Willcox AZ- ©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Image "painted" in Photoshop - ©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image two digital photos I took 1/1/02...combined and manipulated in Photoshop.©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image I put this together using Poser and Bryce...modified in Photoshop.©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital  Armageddon Sunset-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image using my own original digital photo, the door in the bottom of the can is from one of my paintings, editing done in Photoshop. - The Green Door-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image constructed in Photoshop.-The Other Woman-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My friend Randy Fabres brought this swan from Mexico as a present for his lady Denise. My photo, my line drawing w/Photoshop "intervention".For Randy.©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image image constructed using Poser, Bryce and Photoshop.-The Dance-©2001-C.E.Newland - Digital Image three stock photos assembled in Photoshop...forever...
©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. a photo I took in a Mexican import shop, assembled in Adobe Photoshop-FrogDog- ©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Image constructed usingPoser, Bryce and Photoshop.-Darth Cat-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. prepared in photoshop using a bar code combined with a self portrait (see paintings, page 6)-Scan This-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Myself, my son-in-law and my granddaughter take a break in Tombstone AZ in a digital photo taken by my wife Sally, landscape made in Bryce...assembled in Photoshop.-Smoke Break-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital
from my original digital photo, filtered in Adobe Photoshop.-Lillies-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Again, Poser, Bryce and Photoshop-The Days of Future Passed-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. I used 2 heads from Poser, Imported them into Bryce, added an eye from a photo in Photoshop to form this digital image.-Behind the Mask-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. My digital photo manipulated in Photoshop using Corel's KPT6 plug-in filter.-Starry, Starry Blooming Tree-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Autumn a painting of mine from the sixties with a Photoshop treatment. I combined, in Photoshop, a small acrylic painting with a door from another painting on this site to make an entirely new image-The Door-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital. a few digital photos put together in photoshop-Peter
2 digital photos ©2002-C.E.Newland taken in Cochise County, AZ combined in Photoshop.-Still Running-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. from a shot taken in Bisbee AZ and altered in Photoshop and Bryce.-Diner-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Bryce and Photoshop.-Glasscape-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Three digital photos combined in Photoshop.-The Wave-
©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Bryce, Adobe Photoshop with KPT6 plugins made this image.-Islands-
©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. At the core, two digital photos taken for this image ©2002-C.E.Newland combined in Photoshop.Apple wood makes excellent firewood.-Applewood-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. our cat piper...with alterations in Photoshop with KPT6.-Piper-
©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Datura blossom photographed in New Mexico, manipulated in Photoshop.-Datura Magic Lantern Slide-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Poser, Bryce and Photoshop were needed for this image.-The Industry-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. from a photo taken in Texas Canyon in southeastern Arizona - altered in Photoshop.-Rest Area on I-10-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. Two digital photos taken at a Mexican import shop, messed with and assembled in Adobe Photoshop.-Mexican Suns-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image. see page 5 of my paintings: this digital image constructed in Photoshop from my painting "High Country Tourist"-Doors-©2003-C.E.Newland - Digital Image rock from Texas Canyon in Arizona...my digital photo with Photoshop intervention.Only the Rocks are Forever.©2001-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Digital Image: "Fifty" - ©2001-C.E.Newland - Digital image constructed in Adobe Photoshop - Myself at fifty.-Fifty-©2001-C.E.Newland - Digital Image the artist at play with his computer - image design and composition done in Poser, Bryce and Adobe Photoshop.-At Play-©2001-C.E.Newland - Digital Image flag photo with a Xaos filter applied in Photoshop.We The People...©2001-C.E.Newland.Digital Image Digital image - design and composition using Poser, Bryce and Photoshop.-Bubbles-©2001-C.E.Newland - Digital Image two of my digital photos assembled and played with in Photoshop.-David's Dodge (Reprise)-©2002-C.E.Newland - Digital Image constructed in Bryce...enhanced in Photoshop-Byte-©2001-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce construction enhanced in Photoshop  -Bryce Blues-©2011-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Images nearly forty years apart combined in Photoshop-Reflecting on Yesterday-©2011-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My shots of Cochise Stronghold with Photoshop Intervention-Where Eagles Flew Free- ©2011-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Just playing in Photoshop.-Anneliese-
©2011-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Mogollon building with flower done in Photoshop-Derelict-©2011-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce and Photoshop-Ladders-©2010-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My shot Photoshopped-Family Gathering-©2010-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My photos and photoshop-Becoming Golden-
©2010-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My photos in Photoshop-Magritte Visits Fanny Hill-
©2010-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce and Photoshop-Blurbs- ©2010-C.E.Newland -Digital Image
My photos Photoshopped-Mogollon Window.©2010-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce Poser and Photoshop-Pair- ©2010-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My photos Photoshopped-Deedle-Dee-©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Photoshop assembly-Space/Time-
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Photoshop-Tic Tac Toe-
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Photo and Photoshop-JFK-
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Photoshop composition-Twirl-
©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce, Poser and Photoshop-The Friendly Skies-©2009-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce and Photoshop.-Crystal-©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My photos, Carol's photos...and some Bryce thrown in.-Carol's Daughter-©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My photo, my digital image added.-The Museum is Open©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce and Photoshop-It's Done With Mirrors-©2008 C.E.Newland - Digital Image my photo and painting, Poser,Bryce and Photoshop-Doorway-©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Two of my photos plus one from NASA-Thinking Inside the Box- ©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My granddaughter Audrey Ann with a Bryce image-The Grove-©2008-C.E.Newland-Digital Image My photo with a Photoshop intervention.-Nefertiti-©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image A Bryce and Photoshop image.-Today-©2008-C.E.Newland- Digital Image Constructed in Bryce, retouched in Photoshop-Elementals-©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My photo Photoshopped-Lightning-
©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image
My granddaughter Seline with my Grandmother and great aunts-Bloodline-©2008-C.E.Newland - Digital Image xray of my skull with images added-Thought Dreams-
©2007-C.E.Newland - Digital Image I used Poser, Bryce and Photoshop for this image-Did You Say Dance?-©2007-C.E.Newland - Digital Image my photo messed with in Photoshop of my great grand daughter Audrey Anne-In Progress-©2007-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My photo messed with in Photoshop-Blossom-
©2007-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce and Photoshop-The Chair-©2007-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Talia - Christmas 2006 ©2007-C.E.Newland - Digital Image David's Dodge at the Amarind- This Old Dodge- ©2007-C.E.Newland - Digital Image DakotaKid/Edgar Meutzner-This image is a combination of his painting Dakota Kid with a photo of himself that he sent me.©2006-C.E.Newland - Digital Image - May he rest in peace. My btother Jim...may he Rest in Peace-Jim-
©2006-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Bryce and Photoshop-Core-©2006-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Datura effect sets in-Datura Glow-©2006-C.E.Newland - Digital Image
at your local supermarket-
©2006-C.E.Newland - Digital Image-Produce Wagan Series Non-Objective Study Done in Photoshop-Pebble-©2006-C.E.Newland - Digital Image A Xoas Background With Photoshop Manipulation-Foil-©2006-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Image Constructed in Poser, Bryce and Photoshop-Afront-©2006-C.E.Newland - Digital Image I'm working on a painting but it won't look like this.-Whitehouse Ruins-©2005-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Anneliese with her first bouquet.-First Bouquet-
©2005-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Tarantula from my back porch.-Tarantula-©2005-C.E.Newland - Digital Image Constructed in Bryce, Poser and Photoshop.-Indigo-©2005-C.E.Newland - Digital Image a small painting of mine after a Photoshop intervention-Reversal-©2005-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My friend Edgar Meutzner of Germany and I-Two Clowns-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My son Jim photographed a house in Bisbee AZ. Son Mark shot a rock in the Chiricahuas: Bryce & Photoshop-Afloat-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My son Jim shot this photo...Photoshop manipulation.- Chiricahua Grotto-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image My son Mark shot these photos in Tombstone AZ - Photoshop.-Gunfight at the OK Corral-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image I carry my digital camera when I take my wife to the supermarket.-Blossoms-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image my Digital photo of a sheet of galvanized metal - Photoshop.-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image hoodoo in the Chiricahua Mountains - Photoshop -Hoodoo-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image constructed using Poser, Bryce and Photoshop-Marble World-©2004-C.E.Newland - Digital Image